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This guitar came in with a back crack that followed the grain from top to bottom. Very possible that very dry conditions played a big part.
From this photo you can see that the back had separated from the bracing as well.
The use of "Earth Magnets" helped keep the back plate together and flush.
Apply the glue, install the magnets with tracing paper to keep glue away from the magnets, install brace jacks on all the braces and keep everything together with various sized cam clamps, and let time do it's magic.
A view from the front.
Some careful scraping of glue with a microscope glass slide, a bit of sanding with 3200 and 6000 grit micromesh, and a touch of Nikko polish...

Repair Price list

Nut Replacement (Bone): $45.00

Saddle Replacement (Bone): $35.00

Fret Dressing: $50-$75.00

Partial Refret w/o binding: $ 10.00 per fret - with binding: $ 12.00 per fret

Complete Refret w/o binding: $150.00 - with binding: $175.00

Set Up (Acoustic): $45.00 - (Electric): $55.00

Re-String: $10.00 6 string - $14.00 12 string

Truss Rod Adjustment: $10-$20.00

Neck Reset: $350.00 and up

Realignment of Archtop bridges: $15.00

Height Adjustments:
Nut or Saddle: $20-$30.00
Lower Bridge & Saddle: $40-$50.00

Tuning Machine Install: $30-$45.00

Brace Repair/Re-Glue: $30-$75.00

Bridge Reglue: $45-$75.00

Bridge Plate Repair: $40.00

Bridge Plate Replacement: $100-$150.00

Bridge Remove/Re-position: $60-$80.00

Crack Repair: $15-$20.00 per inch

Cleaning/Polishing: $25-$50.00

*electric instruments-price may vary
**prices subject to change due to material costs


Endorsements and Reviews

The musicians of Vermont are well served thanks to Michael Ricciarelli. Their guitars, mandolins and banjos receive a quality of care that comes from a true devotion to the craft of fretted instrument repair. Mike knows how vital musicians are to our lives and how important it is that their instruments be properly maintained. He approaches his work with a sense of noble purpose and takes his duty very seriously. He applies his craft with patience and skill. The products of his labor invite great respect.

As Michaelís teacher in the art of guitar repair Iíve been a witness to his character as well as his skill. His ability to focus and his attention to detail are to be admired but it is his devotion to serve the community of musicians, beginner and professional alike, that endears him to me. It has been a pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with him. Iím confident that Michael Ricciarelliís customers will appreciate his integrity as well his work.

Harry Becker

Michael Ricciarelli has been working with me for about six months now, and I'm very impressed with his workmanship and attention to detail, which in the repair business is an essential part of keeping a good reputation! He is always quick to find the right answer to problems that might intimidate others in the same field. He has high standards when it comes to any thing involved in the repair business, good customer relations high standards and is very fair when dealing with people! I certainly think he is one of the go to people when it comes to any instrument repair.

Pete Langdell (Rigel Instruments)

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to thank you again for all the work you put into my ol box of strings! I got to break it in pretty good this weekend with a friend of mine who plays jazz guitar. Not only does it play easy while fingerpicking, but he commented on how smooth and easy it was to play for jazz stuff. Thanks a million!


These guitars both are a complete joy to play, thank you for your great work. The Gretsch looks like a centerfold out of Guitar Player magazine and it plays like a dream. Same goes for the Santa Cruz, you really brought out the best in it.


Hi Mike:
I just wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with the work that you did on my G&L Telecaster. The guitar plays great and I can't feel the spots on the neck where you repaired the "dings". Thanks also for taking care of cleaning the pots on the Fender bass on short notice. Marge and I look forward to our next project with you.

Best regards,

"I always enjoy bringing my instruments to Mike for repair. He is an honest and down to earth guy that I know I can trust to do just what needs to be done. He does a great job and I always go away happy. Thanks for the great job on my Uke!"

--Sarah Hotchkiss of Woodbury Strings

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